The Assassin

So…The Script is complete, with just a few small tweaks, and so I shall now be looking to shift it into Production! Just need a Director, Producer, Lighting, Sound, Actors, Extras, Locations etc… I have an idea, and just need Read more…

A Murder of Crows

So finally get a starring role! This time I am a serial killer leading a support group for other seriel killers. Filing locally too, so getting better and better. The script is brilliant and I cannot wait to get filming.

I Hear Voices

Playing a Doctor again!  Down in Leyton in East London. Dealing with issues involving schizophrenia. Met some really great people and had a ball filming!


To play the King? I am now cast as King George in Evangeline, an animated children’s film. Looking forward to this one and it is paid too, which is always nice! I also got offered Santa, but declined that!

Woo Hoo Passed my Creative Writing Module Onward to Advanced Creative Writing…

November 1st

Nice to go to new places! I have never been to Pinewood Studios before, and yet here I am, and working with real stars too!  Sophia Myles and Lindsay Duncan! The scenes we filmedfor this production (November 1st), were quite Read more…