The Second Apple

Despite saying I would never produce another film…I am, of course, going to produce another film. The Second Apple is a short film based on God and Lucifer blaming each other for the way Humanity has turned out. I play God!  

The Assassin

So…The Script is complete, with just a few small tweaks, and so I shall now be looking to shift it into Production! Just need a Director, Producer, Lighting, Sound, Actors, Extras, Locations etc… I have an idea, and just need to get a bit of money together to bring it Read more…

A Murder of Crows

So finally get a starring role! This time I am a serial killer leading a support group for other seriel killers. Filing locally too, so getting better and better. The script is brilliant and I cannot wait to get filming.

I Hear Voices

Playing a Doctor again!  Down in Leyton in East London. Dealing with issues involving schizophrenia. Met some really great people and had a ball filming!


To play the King? I am now cast as King George in Evangeline, an animated children’s film. Looking forward to this one and it is paid too, which is always nice! I also got offered Santa, but declined that!

Cyborg Invasion

What fun! Sound Recordist, in the woods, at night, bitten to death by every creepy crawley that ever there was!  And then into costume to play Sir Charles Gorman, the Head of MI5. Lovely people, new experiences and fun fun fun. Look forward to seeing this, my first film! OMG Read more…

November 1st

Nice to go to new places! I have never been to Pinewood Studios before, and yet here I am, and working with real stars too!  Sophia Myles and Lindsay Duncan! The scenes we filmedfor this production (November 1st), were quite an emotionally charged thng to behold. Dealing with the execution Read more…

Life in Green

Great time had by all. A really nice bunch of people, loved working with them all. Cast and crew helped to make this one hell of a production. Looking forward to seeing the finish product! I played Derek Carter, the accident prone health and safety officer.